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When it comes to new house construction, work is performed in 3 Stages:

  1.    Ground Rough-in
  2.    House Rough-in
  3.    Finishing
Looking to build on an acreage?

Don't forget about Sewer Lift Pumps and Septic Field Design.

Septic Fields

Acreage living can be wonderful - just be mindful of your septic system. It cannot handle the same things as a municipal system, and does need maintenance. Call us if you have any questions about getting or maintaining your septic system.

When building a new home, there are many more options than just what fixtures to choose:

Central Vacuum
In floor heating
Sump Pumps
Soaker Tubs
Steam Showers
Hands Free Faucets
Recirc Line
Pot Fillers
Water Softeners 
Sewer Lift Pumps
Septic Field Design

​We specialize in custom new homes. From start to finish, we place high value on quality work. We are also licensed for septic field installation.

Need a septic field? Rodie is certified to design and install septic fields.